Lecture Room Seating


April 15, 2020




The Irwin Seating Company Lecture Room Seating line is the most comfortable, reliable table and swing-arm chair combo offered by any manufacturer. The Uni-Lecta is the standard continuous table model. The E-Link model is the cutting edge in technology in Colleges and many High School lecture rooms. Add modesty panels, a power pedestal and raceway and you can easily incorporate both electric power and data plug-in points in several different configurations. Durability and flexibility are the keywords to Irwin Lecture Room Seating.
Lecture Room Seating offers advantages over desk style seats because the student can spread out their materials on a continuous table top. The high quality plastic laminate tabletops are durable and easy to clean. Professional Furnishings and Equipment and Irwin Seating Company both have a lasting commitment to servicing their products. So years from now, if someone does break or damage something, we will be there for your facility’s maintenance staff. Just give us a call.

Classroom Seating in the 21st Century should be able to adapt to the needs of the student. The E-Link chairs shown below are the future of classroom seating. Each chair has a power plug so occupants can plug in and power their laptops and other mobile devices. Each chair also has a data plug in point. Add to that one of the largest folding Tablet Arms in the seating business. E-Link chairs are connected to your building via a raceway that runs under the entire row of seats. Add LED aisle lights, a choice of numerous seat and back combinations and you have a classroom that will stand up to decades of classroom service.