ADA Handicap Seating


April 15, 2020




The Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA Handicap seating requirements for auditorium seating and bleachers are based on specifications of the room’s use and configuration of the seating. Professional Furnishings and Equipment Staff are the experts when it comes to making sure your facility is in compliance and bringing your facility up to code compliance. A few examples of Irwin’s innovative movable base seating that can be removed to accommodate wheelchairs are shown below. Also wheelchair and companion seating and the flip-up arm “transfer chair” solution are also shown below.

ADA Handicap Seating

ADA compliance is required by code for all new and renovated public seating facilities. Please contact us for details that apply to your auditorium, theater or gymnasium bleacher/platform project. One of the many advantages of working with a qualified seating professional is that ADA Code Compliance is built-in to the way we do business. We already know what codes apply and which do not to your particular situation. New chairs or Renovated Chairs we have you covered

To use the Flip-up Armrest option the temporarily or permanently disabled (ie., wheelchair) patron parks next to the chair, flips up the armrest and slides into the comfortable fixed chair. The wheelchair can then be removed by an attendant or companion. This frees up the space for another wheelchair patron to park for the entire show. Two wheelchair patrons accommodated with one wheelchair space and a flip-up armrest! The same process happens with the Swing Away End Panel option. Professional Furnishings and Equipment provides current innovative and creative solutions to new auditoriums and existing auditorium and gymnasium seating.